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I started my eperience by joining creative industry such as clothing company and Event Organizer. Beside those, I have passion in digital music.

I've produced music for over 4 years. Initially known for my work recording and producing for indie electronic music such as Chiptune and Dubstep. I also join game /apps and animation projects with local developers as Music Producer. One of our projects named Go Go Recycle Game is Awarded as the Most Popular by Design21 / UNESCO.

I'm currently producing some parody music videos of pop song. Most of my work well received by Indonesians, This is evident from the large number of viewers who visit my Youtube page. The most phenomenons is my parody about PSY song Gangnam style, Its called Jowo Style, Noah Tawuran, ETC.

And also, My work has been played on several local and national TV.

*Update :
Maaf kalau jarang melihat karya terbaru dari Saya. Sekarang Saya sedang sibuk didunia Pemasaran, setelah sebelumnya sempat menyentuh dunia ini sekitar tahun 2009-an. so excited!

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